Are You Truly Engaged?


The other day I was out shopping at one of my favourite grocery stores when I caught myself doing something that completely violated what I teach – I was completely ignoring the cashier at the checkout, despite her attempts to talk and be friendly.  

The reason for my impolite behaviour was that I was completely engrossed in a news story I was watching on the TV adjacent to the checkout! Once I realized what was happening, I was a little taken aback with my own behaviour.

I walked away from that moment wondering; how many times a day does this happen?

Out of the countless number of people the cashiers are serving, how many times do they attempt to start a conversation or engage with customers only to be ignored? I then asked myself how many times I would have to experience that as a cashier before I just gave up trying to be nice or provide the best customer service I possibly could? What would be the point, if I’m just going to be continually ignored?  How annoying would that be? How would it affect my morale and my performance?

Not to mention, over a six or eight-hour shift, what is watching all of the death and devastation on the news doing to the psychology and morale of the cashiers? How much of that do they carry with them unconsciously?

In a world where we seem to get more distracted by the day, it would sometimes seem like we are forever dreaming up new ways to prevent human beings from engaging with each other.  

I would encourage you to examine what kind of practices you have implemented, consciously or unconsciously in your life. Behaviours displayed in your business, workplace, or home may be inhibiting or discouraging communication between you and your customers, colleagues, or family.

It’s time to think about how to reverse these practices and encourage deeper connections to be forged. Our world definitely needs your attention on this!

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