Braeden Bucks Up: Ep #4

Written by: Braden Etienne


Changing your life isn’t the easiest thing to do. As I’ve learned, there’s many habits holding me back in my day to day. But one thing I have learned is talking things out with Dominic is one of the best decisions I’ve made on my path to being a better person.

To be honest, four months ago, I was hesitant to ask or seek out a “life coach.” I felt, especially as a man, that I could figure things out myself. That I didn’t need help. I knew what needed to be done, and would get there as long as I was focused and driven.

A life coach doesn’t just tell you what to do and give you motivations. It’s tools and lessons you need to make your life better. Sure, I had the drive and the focus all alone, but if it wasn’t for Dominic - it would have taken years to actually buckle down and focus on what I needed to. And if patterns showed me anything, I may have never made changes.


One of the most valuable takeaways from my work with Dom was growing stronger relationships in the past four months. For someone who is often feeling lonely and alone (like a lot of men), building up relationships with friends and family are crucially important.

I now call my dad on a much more frequent basis, and we actually have talks that go deeper into emotions, rather than just talking about the surface of what each of us are up to. We can talk about our worries, and our successes and keep eachother moving along in life more happily.

I now even have a way better lock on the type of romantic relationship I want in my life and have learned not to settle. But for this first time since a heavy break up over a year ago, I’m actively looking for a new woman to enter into my life. I know what she looks like in my mind, so when she does come around, I’m not going to let her go.

Sure I’m still not perfect, but steps are being made in areas I’ve never made steps in before. The accountability and tools Dom has given me are the reason for this.


Being an entrepreneur is tough. And when challenging days come up, having a person like Dom around to help you with next steps and reframing your mind is great. Dom recommended a book to me called The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, and this recommendation has completely turned around how I value myself as a freelance writer and the importance of my business.

I feel validated in the often uncertain ground I stand on as an entrepreneur, and recognize I’m living closer to my values and more authentically..

From working with Dom, I’ve started reflecting more on what life was like before entrepreneurship, and I know I’m certainly a lot happier - even if I am making less money and have less security.

But not to fear, because I have support working toward financial and security goals I know are coming my way. My life is on track on my own terms and Dom lets me know that.

And believe me, it’s a lot easier trekking into a scary and uncertain career when you know someone has your back.


About a month into working Dom asked me what my personal style was like. I realized I didn’t have one.

He asked when the last time I updated my wardrobe was. I then realized I was 25 years old and still wearing shirts I wore when I was 18.

If I was dressing in clothes I’ve worn since I was a teenager, how was I ever going to feel like a new man? On Dom’s suggestion, I went to see a style consultant who got me decked out in new clothes. And ever since that happened, I’ve been walking around a lot more confidently.

Not only do I look good, but I can speak to people without subliminal worries about my appearance. I’ve even started caring more about the state of my car, and my house, and my office. I’m caring more about how I’m presenting to the world - something I hadn’t considered was important. But upon making these changes realize it’s one of the most important things I can do for my mental health and motivation.

I would have wrote this off four months ago, but these results speak for themselves.


Before I met Dom, I was okay at going to the gym. However, I never really treated my body the way I felt it truly needed to be treated. By sticking to my gym and exercise goals, and getting encouragement along the way.

Last month, for the first time ever, I challenged myself to eat cleanly. I used to turn away from challenges, but ever since Dom has helped me, every chance to prove myself has become a welcome part of my life.

When I started eating better, I noticed an immediate shift. I felt less anxious, I felt more steady energy throughout the day, more focus. I blamed a lot of my problems on outside factors, but in reality, much of the problems came from what I was doing to myself through unhealthy food choices.

I’ve discovered healthy food equals a healthy mind - and am now well on my way to finding a better diet that works for me.


At the end of the day, these tips wouldn’t have made anything if I didn’t take the first step to love myself enough to get help. But with all the other things Dom has helped with, it never would have worked if I hadn’t cared enough to reach out and get help in the first place.

A lot of people think confidence is handling every problem or challenge or hard time on your own, and somehow, reaching out will be detrimental to your self-esteem. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is getting help and accountability is the biggest confidence and self-esteem boost you can get. My monthly meetings with Dom has affirmed all the above areas I wanted to work on have been getting better. I feel probably as great as I ever have in my adult life, and I certainly have the accountability I need to constantly grow the way I want to and on my own terms.  

It’s only been four months, and already I’ve seen tons of results come my way. And more are coming every day! There’s no doubt if you have something, spoken or unspoken, you are desperate to work on. And from now on, when I see or hear people who need to have breakthroughs, I’m sending them to a life coach like Dom.

You know the direction you want to go, but a coach is going to pull it out of you, see through your excuses, and make damn sure you get there.

Dominic Mitges